SWAM New York Mission Trip 2011

Welcome to the official blog for Idlewild High School Choir's SWAM New York Mission Trip. The trip will take place from June 19-25, and throughout the week we will be posting pictures, videos, and updates for friends and family to enjoy. So subscribe to the blog or continue to check your email as we embark on our journey to New York City to spread the message of God's love through our worship music and service to the community!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Thursday Update

Today was the best day. I began the day by reminding the team that God's strength is perfected in our weakness and that therefore the tiredness and wear out we're experiencing is actually an advantage for our Mission...we cannot depend on our talent or skill or looks or energy anymore so we are forced to now depend ONLY on HIS power. And so we did and sure enough, God showed off. We met up with pastor Boto Sema at our first Queens park. Boto is Indian and is a man ON FIRE for the Lord with a great passion for reaching the lost in NY, specifically Hindus and Muslims. We cleaned up the park and began our concert. Halfway to the concert we got rained out but not before Boto gave a passionate gospel invitation to the mainly Chinese audience in the park. Our kids went around the park, greeting people and doing one on one evangelism. It is so exciting to hear them speak so enthusiastically about their experiences sharing Christ. Boto then took us to a Hindu temple. This was an eye opening and very educational experience as we were able to witness hindu worshipers coming in and doing their ritual. Boto explained what was happening every step of the way and contrasted it with Christianity. He challenged us that we need to be as disciplined and have as much respect for the Scriptures as they do for their rituals because we have the Truth in Jesus. He borrowed a guitar and basically led us in a mini (Christian) worship service inside of this hindu temple. Pretty mind blowing. We did our second concert of the day at another Queens park mainly to an Indian crowd and this time the weather cooperated. A highlight of the concert was that Boto and the praise team from his church led the crowd in worship songs in Hindi. At night we closed the day with Big Group and we had each of our seniors come up and do a little speech. It was moving and humbling to hear from them how our SWAM ministry has impacted and even changed their lives. It was a very special meeting and all I can tell you is that the Spirit of God suddenly took over to the point that I knew I wasn't in control of the meeting anymore. The manifestation of love, grace, mercy, unity and students ministering to each other is unlike anything I've ever seen in my entire career. God is good. Both, students and adults are pretty worn out...please pray for continued health and renewed strength and vitality. One more day to go...we're almost home. ;) - Leo


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  1. I am so blessed beyond words from your Thursday update. I cannot tell you how valuable and encouraging it is to read these updates every day of how the Lord is working through this team. I am so grateful, Leo, for you taking the time to share in detail each day's activities. And for all the photos and videos that connect us here in Tampa to all of you in NY. Just know you and the team are being covered in prayer!
    Blessings, Debra