SWAM New York Mission Trip 2011

Welcome to the official blog for Idlewild High School Choir's SWAM New York Mission Trip. The trip will take place from June 19-25, and throughout the week we will be posting pictures, videos, and updates for friends and family to enjoy. So subscribe to the blog or continue to check your email as we embark on our journey to New York City to spread the message of God's love through our worship music and service to the community!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wednesday Update

In the morning we did a Brooklyn Bridge prayer walk. We split into family groups and prayed for the city as we walked across the mile long bridge. Among the topics we prayed for were 1) the NY school system, teachers, students, 2) the financial district 3) stranded people, aliens, homeless, 4) the NY Church, unity among churches, 5) and tourism. It was of course a great photo opp for beautiful Manhattan scenery and I'm sure you'll see all the pictures your kids took. Once across the bridge we went to a well populated park and did one on one evangelism. The challenge to the students (and us adults) was to be able to share Christ with at least one stranger by the end of the day. It was cool to see the students engaging people seated on benches around the park in eternal conversations. I got reports that some of them were led in a prayer to receive Christ by our students. How exciting! Very proud of them. In the evening we led worship for chapel back at NYSUM and performed some of our concert material for them. Afterwards we split into small groups and went to do Homeless Compassion ministry in various parts around the city. We gave out bibles, toiletry packets, sandwiches, and water bottles. It was another late night for us so please continue to pray for stamina for our team as some of them are already showing signs of getting worn out. Still they've been troopers and going out back out there into battle again and again and maintaining a sunny, loving disposition. Everybody is safe and still healthy so that's a praise. Thursday will be another big day with our last 2 concerts of the trip at different Queens parks. Keep those prayers coming...our Help comes from above! - Leo

Video of "Waging War" on the deck of the USS Intrepid:


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