SWAM New York Mission Trip 2011

Welcome to the official blog for Idlewild High School Choir's SWAM New York Mission Trip. The trip will take place from June 19-25, and throughout the week we will be posting pictures, videos, and updates for friends and family to enjoy. So subscribe to the blog or continue to check your email as we embark on our journey to New York City to spread the message of God's love through our worship music and service to the community!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Update

We made our way to the USS Intrepid in the morning. Because of the venue, we included some patriotic pieces in our concert. The folks visiting the ship were a great audience and we led them all in the National Anthem at the opening. As you'll see in the photos and videos in this blog, there's something special about seeing the beautiful Mahattan skyline in the background while our students perform and minister in Arts. The staff at the Intrepid was very welcoming and professional with us and even helped us celebrate Pastor Steve's birthday with a cake and candles they brought out as we started singing "Happy Birthday" to him at the end of the concert. Afterwards we toured the museum part of the ship and headed back to NYSUM where we had a quick turn around time to eat dinner and go to the Brooklyn Tabernacle's prayer service. The kids seemed very excited as we entered and could hear the worship music already in progress. We definitely had a special worship experience at that place. We closed the night by stopping at legendary "Junior's" and enjoying their famous cheesecake. Sweet time of fellowship and lots of laughter as I showed some of the kids some very embarrassing baby pictures of mine. Because we are using subways as our mode of transportation, that implies that we've had to do a LOT of walking as well. Today alone we walked several miles for several blocks to get from point A to point B. It is pretty tiring. Please pray for us because, usually as we approach the middle of the week in our trips, that's when we all begin experiencing exhaustion, lack of focus, tempers flare, and health decays. This has not happened yet but 12 years experience doing these type of trips tell me that it's coming, so help us pray for that. Good day all in all. - Leo

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  1. Keeping you all in prayer as you continue to minister. Thank you for keeping us posted on each day's activities - I feel like I'm there with you!